And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”

I am unaccustomed to working a 40 hour week.  As a college drop out, job opportunities don’t just pop up, and when they do, rarely are they full time.  Means they can try and avoid providing benefits.

What I’m saying is, this blog may most likely become a weekly thing, as I am still trying to make time to play games for a few hours each night, watch some shows with the wife, and communicate with the kiddos.

I currently find myself in a bit of quandary.  I am quite bored of WoW.  I have a character that I play with my wife, when she’s in the mood, and that I enjoy.  I have 4 100s, 2 on each side.  I have no interest in LFR, so I won’t be finishing the legendary ring quest. As I don’t raid, this doesn’t bother me.  I could probably grind rep, but honestly, what’s the point beyond a few mounts.  The 7.0 patch hit the PTR, which means it will go live next month.  I’ll probably start playing heavily again then, if only to participate in the pre-Legion event, but until then, I suppose I shall have to find something new to play.

I wouldn’t mind giving FFXIV another go, but I don’t feel like dropping money on the expansion.  Same with Guild Wars 2.  SWTOR has an interesting promotion going on starting Tuesday that is intriguing to me, so I will most likely jump into that then.  I’m not interested in subbing to the game until all the chapters are out for the current expansion though.  I feel like SWTOR nickels and dimes enough, and the sub doesn’t really have any value beyond being able to access the chapters.

Right now I have STO updating, although I may even dip my toes in Rift, see how the optimization is.  The Wildstar icon keeps drawing my eye, but I really want controller support without having to do it myself through some third party software.  Spending hours getting it just right is, well, frankly, I ain’t got time for that shit.

I am open to suggestions.  Oh, and feel free to give feedback, it seems I’m getting more exposure then I anticipated, thanks to the New Blogger Initiative.  Syp even mentioned me on his blog, and I’ve been reading his stuff for years, so that’s awesome.


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  1. Mmm how about single player games for a change? I quite like The Secret World MMO… and of course lot of things on sale on Steam for now, so maybe good time to grab some of the expac you mentioned?


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