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I won’t lie, I’ve tried blogging before.  Think the most I managed was about 6 months maybe, before I let life get in the way of it.  But a blogger I follow pretty regularly recently posted about Newbie Blogger Initiative.  I like this blogger, and find his ability to post on an almost daily basis impressive.  I think part of the reason I have failed in the past was unrealistic expectations.  So, I’m not promising that you’ll hear from me daily, but I expect to be able manage thrice a week.

So, with that out of the way, I’m Dave, but I usually go by Zeo, Zeolas or Zeowyrm in the various games I play.  I do mean various.  I’ve been an avid MMO player since about 1999.  Ultima Online taught me at an early stage in the genre that open world PvP was not something I would ever enjoy.  Everquest taught me some lessons on the evils of MMO addiction, something I’ve struggled with from time to time.  Such is the peril of being OCD.  Currently, I do have to put effort into finding time to play, what with 4 kids, a wife and work.  So, I’ll end with a list of the games I currently make time for, and a why I play them.

World of Warcraft:  There’s a lot of hate for this game, but I’ve been playing since the launch of Wrath of the Lich King. I strongly dislike the current expansion content, but I am looking forward to Legion.  After I go see the movie this weekend, I’m hoping to have my interest reinvigorated (and maybe finally convince the wife to give it a proper go).  Otherwise, I log in every couple of days to do garrisons.  It’s dull, but it pays my subscription.

Star Trek Online:  Recently restarted a Tactical Federation character, to play around with the new systems.  Being able to customize my ship certainly makes me feel more connected to the game.  Might even finally get a character to max level, something I’ve never done, although I bought the game right after it was released.  Last time I tried was during the Delta Recruit promotion last year, but a gamebreaking bug in an early quest drove me off in frustration.

Tree of Savior:  I’ve only dabbled a few hours here and there with this game, but I love the visual design of it so much.  Reminds me of old school SNES games, like Secret of Mana, but even prettier.  Once I realized that it could be played with a controller, I was golden.  I really feel like I should spend more time with it, but I suspect it does eventually turn into a major grindfest, as a lot of Asian games do.  Doesn’t mean it’s not worth an hour or two from time to time.

Thanks for sticking around this long, and next time I’ll most likely wax poetic about the tablet games that I spend time with.

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  1. tyrannodorkus | Reply

    I can relate about not liking PvP and having some EverQuest addiction. Had to work through that myself somewhat. Star Trek is a good game, I like going to it now and again.

    Welcome back to blogging. A six month try is a really good start.


  2. Welcome to the blogging community! I hope your adventure brings what you hope it will. 🙂

    – Rav

    P.S. I started out with playing LOTRO, too, but stuck a bit longer with it. (I agree that Radiance was a horrible grind, though, oh boy, am I glad that is gone.) WoW never caught me, somehow, although I really did try. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts here anyway. ^^


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